Palm Trees and Faded Sky

Las Vegas Christmas Light Installation Introduces

Tree Trimming

We are more than happy to be introducing a new, much-needed service to the Las Vegas area. Palm Tree Skinning and Tree Trimming. Not only can we light up your holidays, or turn your backyard into an oasis, but now we can help enhance your curb appeal with these new services!

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palm tree skinning.jpg

Palm Tree Skinning

Let's face it, we love our Palm Trees in Las Vegas! We may be surrounded by them, but they can cost an arm and a leg to get one, and once you do, finding a reliable arborist is the next challenge. Las Vegas Christmas Light Installation is the company you trust with the skill and equipment to get the job done without the headache!

palm tree skinning.jpg
palm tree skinning.jpg

We Trim

  • King Palm Trees

  • Piru Queen Palm Trees

  • Pineapple Palm Trees

  • Mediterranean Fan Palms

  • Mexican Fan Palms

  • Date Palms

  • Indian Laurel Columns

  • Mansanillo Olive Trees

  • Shumard Oak Trees

  • Live Oak Trees

  • Fruitless Olive Trees

  • Elm Trees

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cypress tree before.jpeg
palm tree skinning.jpg



Las Vegas Christmas Light Installation will be in your neighborhood with all of our equipment SLASHING PRICES on our Tree Grooming Services! Book your trimming with your rep and save money today!

palm tree after.jpeg
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