Why Booking your Christmas Light Installation Early is the Way to Go

There's no time like the holidays no matter where you live, and here in Las Vegas, the locals take their lights rather seriously. In a town like this with the famous Lights of the Strip, homeowners like to steal the stage when it comes to Christmas. What many families in the valley come to find out is that they're not just competing with the neon-lit Strip during the holidays, but with HOAs, shopping centers, car dealerships, and yes casinos again. This time it's a race to find quality Holiday light and decoration installers that aren't already booked up!

It may seem weird to be making Christmas plans when it's July and 117 degrees outside, but by the time Halloween rolls around the holidays just keep rolling. Between the costumes, candy, turkey, shopping, sometimes the decoration planning gets left to the last minute. So why not get it out of the way early, secure your custom design, and have the best pick of installation date?

Las Vegas Christmas Lights makes this very easy for our customers. With a fast and friendly consultation our light designers will be able to answer any questions and make any design suggestions you may need. We use commercial-grade LED lights that are custom-cut to your roofline. Not only is it safer (and way easier) to have a professional up on the roof, but we make sure you have a clean finish. Not bulky or hanging wires. Our bulbs are energy efficient, high quality ensuring you get the brightest glow and once they're measured and cut for your home we save and store them for you! This makes it easy for you to give us a call ANY future celebration. We carry wide variety of bulb color, so you can light up every holiday.

Another reason one would like to book their Christmas decor installation early would be if one has a very specific vision in mind, or landscaping they would like decorated. For instance, if you were to want a yard full of palm trees wrapped along with the standard roof-lining, or "Merry Christmas," "Noel," etc. in LED lettering. To ensure we have all of the supplies needed to bring your winter wonderland to life, it's best to give us a call for a consultation sooner rather than later. We LIVE for these lit projects, and the sooner we know about them, the more we can achieve.

So don't miss out this year, beat the rush and leave the lights to us. Click here to check out our Early Booking page.

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