What are the Best Outdoor Light Options?

Las Vegas' leading Lighting Designers are back with more LIT-inspo! We've been knocking Bistro Lights out the park so far. Along with more on that, here are some more unique ways to add the perfect illumination to add some charm to your backyard escape this year.

Let's start by revisiting the classic: Bistro Lights, also called "cafe" lights, more often when hung indoors. These string lights have so much flexibility when it comes to aesthetic. They can add the perfect fairy-tale charm to a romantic eclectic atmosphere, and the same string can be just the perfect lighting solution in a more concrete-industrial designed room.

Las Vegas Christmas Light Installation has put our clients visions with these lights to pergolas and golf courses, but we have yet to show the full flexibility of design when it comes to what Bistro Lights can do.

When it comes to hardware, we provide many different bulb options. Soft-white LED lights tend to be a favorite-an energy efficient upgrade to the original, however antique bulbs are a classic for some settings and are available upon request. That's just the old vs. new, our clients also have the option of adding color to their string lights. With Bistro Lights our client have the added flexibility of switching out their soft-white bulbs for something more festive for a holiday.

Of course it takes more than ladders to professionally install these gems if you want them to last, and for many larger, more open landscapes other fixtures must be installed before the lights to properly set the stage. And we can't neglect the keen eye for design it takes to achieve this work. With Bistro Lights alone, you have endless options on how you could have your outdoor lighting designed, and with with the right communication with your designer they can be more than you had imagined.

If you're a Las Vegas local, you've definitely seen this design around town, maybe on the Strip, or surrounding a shopping center during the holidays. And how can we forget, our neighbor's palm tree that they wrapped in boxed Christmas lights from the hardware store, hoping to achieve the same look? Well, Las Vegas Christmas Lights are here to help. With this lighting option, you can go big or you can go home, but in this case either way is great!

Our LED Tree Wrap can add a magical effect to your outdoor living space-grand or cozy, while providing light so that you can enjoy outdoor living during these warm summer nights. Different colored lights are super popular during the holidays, but the soft-white option is a great choice for a year-round LIT tree.

Now for the fancy: For something extremely unique and decorative we have our LED Light Wall along with LED Lettering. These installations are more common in the fabulous casinos here in town, and Las Vegas Christmas Light Installation is here to bring the fabulous lights of the Strip to your home! Everything we do is custom to our clients' vision and the specific landscape they want to be LIT. These Custom Light Walls can be used to completely illuminate a wall or surface, or can be shaped to frame a structure, like a fountain. And like our other light installations, you can always add color to make things POP; the possibilities are endless!

A patterned Light Wall- we can do that. Cursive lettering- we can do that, too! Don't have hedges, but still want the look? Give us a call- we may have the perfect solution to get you the gorgeous lighting you deserve!

So treat yourself this summer! Whether you have plans to entertain at home or just keep it all to yourself, let Las Vegas Christmas Light Installation help you transform your outdoor (or indoor) living space into something unforgettable this year!

Custom LED Light Wall (commercial)- by Las Vegas Christmas Light Installation

Custom Dimmable LED Bistro Lights (residential)- by Las Vegas Christmas Lights

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