Vegas is LIT!

Las Vegas Christmas Lights may be a new player in the Vegas game, but we started off with a bang due to our customer service driven by determination to get the holiday spirit flowing through this city one way or another.

People come from all over the world just to see the bright lights of Las Vegas. As locals we love them, marvel at them, and we are proud of them. They make Vegas what it is. However as locals, those that live in the neighborhoods versus the condos on the Strip, Vegas is a completely different world. It's a land of homes, parks, mountains, interesting history, and most importantly, families.

We can all agree that last year was definitely a strange one. The pandemic slowed many things down all over the world. Businesses have been lost, lives have been lost, and for many it seemed that even hope was on the chopping block.

There were two main components that started the foundation of our business:

  1. My newly-found need to spread the spirit of community, hope, faith, celebration, and perseverance throughout the town and make it shine so that everyone can see.

  2. The professional lighting, electrical, and the business education and experience from my partner who did this before years ago in California.

I'm the heart of this outfit while he's the brains, and when we decided to focus our attention and energy on the most valuable treasure of Las Vegas, the families of this great city-what really makes Vegas Strong it changed our world completely. We are a stronger family because of this. As partners, we don't just talk about what matters, we live it. And when Christmas time comes around again, we can't wait to get the calls from our neighbors that are ready to light up the real houses of Las Vegas.

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