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These are some of the most frequently asked questions about LED Lights, whether they are for holiday displays, permanent landscape lighting, or for events.

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If you have questions that you don't see answers for below, don't be shy. Call us at 702-776-5003, and we'll be happy to answer any questions you have! 

What areas do you serve?

Las Vegas Christmas Light Installation hangs lights in Summerlin, Peccole Ranch, The Lakes, Green Valley, Henderson, Anthem, North Las Vegas, and the Greater Las Vegas Valley.

How long do LED lights last?

Las Vegas Christmas Light Installation used commercial grade LED light bulbs. Not only do they shine brightly they have a life-span of up to 50,000 hours. Depending on how long and often they remain lit, these bulbs could last for 5-10 years! This trumps the the lifespan of incandescent, halogen, and compact florescent light bulbs.

When it comes the the lights strands themselves, especially Bistro Lights, they have to withstand the Vegas sun. Our commercial grade bistro strands not only look better but are more durable and stand up to this desert weather for years longer than the store-bought brands. 

Do you decorate for more than Christmas?

Las Vegas Christmas Light Installation is happy to help families celebrate THEIR favorite holidays, so whether you need lights for Kwanzaa, Chanukah, Diwali, or Christmas this holiday season, we're happy to decorate for you- and don't forget about Halloween! We also work year-round, so if you have a sweet sixteen, anniversary, or even a wedding in the future, we're your guys.

Are LED lights energy efficient?

Yes they are! Aside from their luminous glow LED lights are an amazing option due to their energy efficiency. Not only do LED bulbs draw less electricity from the source, they also use the electricity more efficiently. As an added bonus, LED lights also emit less heat than other types of bulbs, making them a great option for Las Vegas backyard lighting.

Do you take down Christmas Lights that your company didn't hang?

Las Vegas Christmas Light Installation is happy to take care of your holiday display take-down, even if we didn't install your lighting.

What are the benefits of renting your Christmas lights versus hiring a company to hang our own?

Las Vegas Christmas Light Installation uses the highest grade LED light strands for our customers, so that they outshine the competition! Our light strands are custom-cut to fit your roof line perfectly, so there are no hanging wires or bunched cables. We also guarantee our lights, meaning if there is an issue, we come out and fix it. 

We are happy to hang your favorite lights, if you like; we just can't guarantee their quality.

An added benefit is that your new custom light strands have interchangeable bulbs, and we store everything for you. This means that for any upcoming holidays we can rehang them for you and change up the colors whenever. 

How can I have Bistro Lights installed in my yard if I don't have any trees?

One of the benefits of working with Las Vegas Christmas Light Installation for landscape light design is that we come with more hardware than lights! With our professional expertise we can pretty much hang lights anywhere our customers dream! Whether we need to get creative with what you already have in your backyard, or whether we need to add some structure, we've got you covered!

Is there such a thing as dimmable outdoor lighting?

With Las Vegas Christmas Light Installation, the answer is yes! We carry a wide variety of bulbs for every occasion. Our Dimmable Bistro Lights are a favorite in town.

Do you do lighting for outdoor weddings and other events?

We sure do! If you are planning an outdoor event in open space, give Las Vegas Christmas Light Installations. With a light landscaping consultation we can frame your event space beautifully. Whether you are looking to illuminate the isle that the bride walks, or would like to see your name in lights, we are here to light it up.

I bought Bistro Lights from the hardware store, could you install them?

We can. We understand that YouTube videos don't always explain how challenging some projects actually are. We are happy to professionally hang lights that you have already purchased. Since these lights haven't been custom-cut they can sometimes restrict how they must be hung, so we always suggest you let us measure and custom cut lights for you.

What are the benefits to having professionally installed Christmas Lights?

With Las Vegas Christmas Light Installation there are many benefits.

1. It's much safer to have professionals on your roof than to bring out the ladder yourself.

2. We bring our own equipment, even the lights. We use commercial-grade LED lights and installation equipment to ensure a clean luxurious finish!

3. Our LED lights are more energy efficient than the incandescent Christmas lights bought at the hardware store.

4. Now that we've made measurements and cut light stands for your home we can switch out the bulbs so that you can change up your look year-to-year.

5. We take care of the take-down. After the holidays are over, we will come back to safely uninstall your holiday lighting and store it for next year.

When is the right time to book my Christmas Light installation?

Las Vegas Christmas Light Installation works year-round so it's almost never to early to book your winter holiday decorations. Las Vegas takes their lights seriously so we book up fast in November and December. It is always a good idea and we make it easier for our customers to get ahead of the holiday rush and book their appointments starting in late summer.  

Do you provide holiday decorations other than lights?

While our focus is on high-quality LED lighting for the holidays we also have carry a variety of accessories such as wreaths, garland, and giant bows. Everything we do is custom to you so if you have something specific in mind give us a call and we'll talk design.

Do you have unique designs for permanent outdoor lighting?

We love the chance to really flex our landscape light design skills to give our customers the backyard oasis they always dreamed of. A common challenge for our customers is really letting their imagination run wild. the best way to do this is to give us a call. If you've drawn from inspiration from magazines and social media we are happy to bring your ideas to life or sketch out ideas for you. Or check out our article now for inspo.

Do you decorate for Halloween?

Las Vegas Christmas Light Installation's specialty is holiday LED lighting. So if you're looking to add orange and purple roof lining, we're your guys. Although we do stock other decorations, they are winter holiday-based. So although we don't carry Halloween decorations for rentals, we are happy to handle the installation of your families favorite decorations.

How long does it take to install Holiday Lights?

This can very depending on the size of the home, and since everything is custom-cut to perfectly fit, it can take some time. But Las Vegas Christmas Light Installation will bring a large enough crew to finish the job in a day or less.

What color bulbs do you carry for Christmas Lights?

Las Vegas Christmas Light Installation carries a variety of bulbs for the holiday season. Our most popular for roof lining are Soft-White, Cool-White, Red, Green, and Gold. However we also carry Blue, Purple, and Orange; so we are prepared for however you'd like to decorate!

Is your company licensed and insured?

Absolutely! Las Vegas Christmas Light Installation carries liability insurance specific to Holiday and outdoor lighting.

Is this company local?

If you can't tell by the name, we are family-owned and locally operated. Like many people in Las Vegas, we absolutely love our lights and love to light up our local communities every year!

When is the best time to book Christmas light installers?

Las Vegas takes it's lights seriously, and during holiday season it shows more than ever! Many of our customers like to book early in August or September to have the best pick of installation dates. If you'd like more elaborate decorations, the earlier the better. For easy early booking please click here.

If I already have my own lights will you hang them?

We always suggest our lights, of course because they are of a higher grade and more durable than store-bought string lights; and we know they work. We are able to ensure the quality of lights we provide and will return to fix any lights should there ever be a problem. However, if you already have lights, whether they're Bistro Lights or Holiday Lights we are happy to install them for you.

If I get Halloween Lights installed how easy is it to switch them over for Christmas Lights when Halloween is over?

Super easy! For us, that is. Many of our customers like to decorate for both holidays. Las Vegas Christmas Light Installation has got you covered. Your lights will be custom-cut to your roofline, and you can choose Halloween-colored light bulbs like orange and purple. After Halloween, our crew will return to switch out the bulbs for the Christmas colors of your choosing. 

When the holiday season is over our crew will return once again to safely remove the light strands and store them for you for next year! Click here for more.

How early can I have my Christmas Lights installed?

The choice is really yours! Most of our customers like to have their Christmas lights up before Thanksgiving so that they can have them on display throughout the season, so November gets booked up quickly. Due to high demand, we encourage our customers to book their installations in late summer- early autumn to get the best pick of installation dates. Click here to book your installation today!