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Turn your Backyard into the Desert Oasis you Deserve this season with

Bistro Lights

Also known as "cafe lights," these strings of illumination are sure to wow your guests at this summer's barbeque! Las Vegas Christmas Light Installation will come to you to discuss your vision, and will custom cut and expertly install your backyard lighting.

Custom-cut and installed LED Bistro Lights, Rhodes Ranch Country Club

Custom LED Bistro Lights With Post Install

Quality of Work

One reason our clients choose us is because we don't just offer and install lighting solutions. Not only is everything custom measured and cut (which gives a seamless look without exposed plugs and extensions.) We also use specific equipment to make sure our bistro lights can withstand desert elements like strong winds that can bend palm trees.

The Best Backyard LED Lights

Quality of Product

Las Vegas Christmas Lights cuts cords, not corners. When it comes our lights, only the best will do. Not only can we grace your yard with gorgeous strings of light brighter than our competitors, we provide this with LED bulbs. This gives our customers the top-notch aesthetic, while being energy efficient as well.

We don't skimp on the finishing touches! This means no hanging, or bulky-looped wired. We leave a smooth, clean finish that will adorn your backyard for years to come!

The Choice is Yours

If the classic bistro look isn't enough for you, let us know! We love the opportunity give our clients something unique to their home, and specific style.

We are happy to consult you on the different bulbs we can use to achieve different looks for your backyard oasis.

Need a bit of inspiration? We got you covered! Check out this article with some gorgeous pictures. We know it's hard to decide what would look best, so give us a call; we'd be more than happy to help!

Custom Dimmable LED Bistro Lights